We’re Always Hiring Talented Scientists!

small Company, Big Benefits 

  • First-in-class, resistance-proof antivirals

  • High-end salaries with stock option incentives in a rapidly growing startup

  • Health benefits, 401(k) plans, and bonus opportunities

  • Collaborations with leading academic and government labs, from DC to Australia

  • State-of-the-art biology, robotics, and engineering labs in the heart of NYC

Senior Director: Gene Therapy & Preclinical Development

  • The Position

    We are looking for leaders who want to play a role in determining future research directions of the company, while also helping develop & drive our existing platforms.

  • About You:

    • You're an expert in gene therapy and virology excited to lead a team that transitions antiviral and anti-cancer candidates into clinical trials.

    • You have significant leadership experience in biopharmaceutical companies or academia—mapping strategic directions, and assuring milestone execution.

    • Specific expertise we’re looking for, includes:

      • gene therapy and/or gene delivery vectors

      • virology or oncology

      • gene editing technologies (e.g., CRISPR-Cas)

      • in vitro and in vivo toxicology assays

      • viral reverse genetics systems

      • high-throughput platform development & screens

      • interest in funding acquisition, strategy, & IP

    • Experience: >10 years at biopharmaceutical companies or academic — with the passion and grit to help grow an emerging biotech!

  • Job Type: Full-Time

    • Education: Doctorate (Required) 

Director: Robotics Platforms

  • About You:

    • You are a senior engineer, with demonstrated expertise in leading integrated hardware and software teams, and in developing platforms for the biotech industry.

    • You have experience leading setting strategic directions & assuring milestone execution on time and on budget.

    • Ideally, you would have deep experience with:

      • mechanical design (e.g., CAD, engineering drawings & manufacturing)

      • product & software development

      • robotics, AI & image processing

      • feedback & control systems

      • embedded systems and communication protocols

    • Prior experience in developing platforms for biomedical applications (e.g., drug screening) is highly beneficial.

    • Experience: >10 years leading teams developing robotics-driven products, ideally for biotech.

  • Job Type: Full-Time

    • Education: Masters (Required)

Senior Scientist: Gene Therapy & Virology

  • About You:

    • You’re a talented gene therapy or virology scientist

    • Ideally, you have deep expertise with:

      • gene therapy vectors (e.g., lentiviruses, adenoviruses)

      • viral reverse genetics systems

      • antiviral or anticancer therapeutic development (e.g., antibodies)

      • in vitro or in vivo preclinical assays, including toxicology

      • genetic engineering (e.g., CRISPR-Cas)

      • standard molecular, cellular and viral biology techniques (e.g., flow cytometry, molecular cloning, and virus cultivation, quantification, and culturing)

    • Ultimately, we're looking for excellent and creative scientists passionate about treating unmet diseases.

    • We can teach you cutting-edge robotics, engineering and mathematical modeling.

    • Experience: >5 years of hands-on lab experience in gene therapies, virology or cancer therapeutics.

  • Job Type: Full-Time

    • Education: Doctorate (Required)


Please send a CV and contact info to: jobs@autonomous.bio